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With many years of experience in creating headstones, We understand just how much of a hard time you will be undergoing. We are here to help you with your choices, aiming to make the process of creating a memorial, as seamless as possible.

Whether you have an idea of what you would like created, or are open to suggestions, we offer a range of different types of memorials.

All memorials can be personalised to your budget & requirements, allowing you to suitably fit the memory of your loved one.

Our unique pricing is based on the quality workmanship that we guarantee.

At Scott Otley Funeral Director we only use high-quality granite to create our headstones.

Granite is available in a range of different sizes & colours, ensuring your personal requirements are fulfilled.

We offer a vast range of different styles & designs of monuments.

We are also able to provide any of the following items or services listed:


  • Personalised Inscriptions

  • Engraved Artwork

  • Photo Plaques

  • Flower Vases

  • Grave Surrounds

  • Repair & Restoration Services


After years of wear and tear, headstones can start to become cracked and chipped. Allow us to return it to its former glory, repairing - chips, scratches and cracks. We can also clean and recondition the headstone, re-letter and engrave, add additional lettering or add new grave surrounds.

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