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Remembering someone is something that comes naturally to us but having a little piece of them with you everywhere you go is something incredibly special.
At Scott Otley Funeral Director, we can arrange for your loved one’s ashes to be beautifully crafted into a glass piece of jewellery, that you will be sure to treasure forever.

The process involves using a small amount of your loved one’s ashes to create a unique & personalised gemstone, that can be set into many different items. 

These include:

  • Tribute, heart or signet style rings

  • Heart, round or long pendant necklace

  • Earrings

  • Cufflinks

  • Charm Beads

  • Paperweight

Charm Bracelet.jpg


Capture the moment with this beautiful, bespoke jewellery containing the fingerprint of your loved one.

Each piece of jewellery is individually handcrafted, creating the perfect, elegant & distinctive design for you to cherish forever. 

Fingerprint jewellery can be created to fit the following items:


  • Keyrings

  • Pendants 

  • Necklaces 

  • Cufflinks 

  • Bracelets 


Items are available in gold, rose gold or sterling silver. 

Unlike other Funeral Directors, we do not add additional charges to any piece of jewellery.


If you wish to place an order for fingerprint jewellery or would like to find out a bit more about it please contact Scott Otley Funeral Director. 

Memory bears_edited.jpg


Remember your loved one with a uniquely created bear, pillow, cushion or blanket.

These items are hand sewn & put together using your loved one’s clothing or material items.

Should it be a favourite shirt, jumper, cardigan or just something that was special to you & your loved one, we can create the perfect memory.

The finished design will provide a lasting tribute & personal remembrance, just for you.


If you wish to place an order for a memory bear or pillow, you can do so at, Scott Otley Funeral Director.

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